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The Jane B. Wellstein Foundation


The Jane B. Wellstein Foundation

In our last post, we wrote about the opportunity we were given to create some very special keepsakes, for a very special baby girl, Jane. Creating keepsakes for Jane reminded us at the deepest level the impact our hand and footprint keepsakes have, and how blessed we are to serve the families that come to us...that trust in us to create a very special and meaningful keepsake for their family. 

Jane's mom Berkley also shared with us that her family started an amazing foundation, called the Jane B. Wellstein Foundation ( http://www.janebwellstein.org/) in honor and memory of their baby daughter Jane. They provide love and support to other families who have experienced child loss. The foundation to date has worked with 3 hospitals to successfully create 3 rooms, called Jane’s Room! The beautiful rooms serve as a dedicated private and quiet space for families who are experiencing hardship during labor and delivery and/or the NICU. The foundation hosts an annual “Pink Out Party”, which raises funds to support their projects. At the “Pink Out Party”, among other things, an auction takes place. We were so thrilled to be able to donate 10 of our Ink-less Print Kits for the auction. The Ink-less Print Kits will be gifted to area hospitals, and given to families who are experiencing the loss of a child, in memory of Jane. The foundation will also be gifting a $60 gift certificate and Ink-less Print Kit to a family, who will be able to receive a ceramic keepsake in memory of their child. We are so grateful to Berkley, and the Jane B. Wellstein Foundation for giving us the opportunity, in a small way, to be part of the big blessings they are providing to so many families! We are so honored and grateful!

Please visit the Jane B. Wellstein Foundation, on their website athttp://www.janebwellstein.org/ Here you can read more about Jane’s story, the incredible impact the foundation has had in supporting families that have lost a child: the Jane’s Rooms they have created, their amazing “Pink Out Party”, and how you can support their work, in loving memory of Jane.

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